BEST SEASON SCHEDULE (subject to change)


June 12 HOME vs Mesa
June 19 HOME vs Flyers
June 26 HOME vs Meadows
July 10 AWAY vs Lafayette
July 17  HOME vs Westminster Waves

Team Training - Phase 1  (Observation and Assessment)

Tuesday  June 1 

Practice Times TBA after Registration. Tentative schedule below.

Practice begins for the Boulder Elks Swim Team 2021. Over the course of about 10 days, the staff will observe each swimmer and develop assessments and game plans for their individual development and progression.

Team Training - Phase 2  (Purposeful Training)

Monday  June 14 - Friday  July 9

Purposeful training is just a term that describes practicing with small goals inside of a regular team practice setting. Everyone is going through a workout, but you are working on something specific to make yourself a better swimmer, inside that workout. Feedback is general to the group, and also specific to the individual athlete.

Team Training - Phase 3  (Explosive Training)

Monday  July 12 - Friday  July 23

Explosive training is a term that describes practicing with an elevated level of power, speed, focus and determination. In a nutshell, we go hard! There are two weeks remaining in the season and it's time to see, feel and measure how far we have come.

Meet Explanation and Information

Traditionally (pre-Covid) the Boulder Elks Swim Team will compete in the BVSSL (Boulder Valley Summer Swim League). And while everything was scratched last season for the Elks, we are bringing the program back this summer with many modifications.

The primary adjustment to this season is that the BVSSL will not be having a "traditional" season, but rather will be helping to facilitate programs and meets along the way with support.
Additionally, there will be no Prelims or Finals this season. Some programs are fielding smaller teams, some none at all, and some are going to treat the season as if it were any other.

To that end, we have chosen to compete on a slightly limited basis, at both home and away. This decision is different from our previous stance of competing only virtually and at the intramural level. It is a decision change based on science, information and a resurgence in positive attitudes and opinions regarding the risks around youth sports.

This season will be unlike any other before, but pieces of the program will translate into the future, beyond a pandemic-response season. We are excited to be developing an altered paradigm in the Summer Swim League world; a shift centered around fun but within an elevated concept of training and professionalism. We look forward to our athletes and our families sharing in this experiential moment!

Practice Schedule as of June 1, 2021

8 & Under
13 & Older



Practice Schedule after June 11, 2021

8 & Under
13 & Older



There will be changes to some of the practice times during the Summer to allow for Time Trials, Competition and Intramural Relays. We will announce the Master Calendar prior to Memorial Day. 

Make-Up Practice Times

If you miss a practice (or 3), you will be able to come into the pool for a Make-Up Practice session on Monday/Wednesday nights from 4-5pm. These training sessions are geared around getting in your missed yardage and activity.

Practice Attendance

Yes, we would like for you to attend all practices.

Yes, you most likely will miss some things when you are not around.

Yes, being at practice makes you a better teammate.


No, we don't expect you to be at every practice because we know it's the Summer and you have lots of other things planned. Relax.

But when you can't make it to practice, let your coach know as soon as possible. It's not cool to just be a no-show.

And when you are at practice, you should try and be a few things; like happy, energetic, mindful and athletic.